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About Caring Transitions of Albany Georgia

Caring Transitions of Albany Georgia is the Professional Solution for relocation services including downsizing, decluttering, & estate sales for both full and partial liquidations.


Moving is always a challenge, but it gets harder the older you get. I’m Steven Rollins, the owner of Caring Transitions of Albany Georgia, and as a fellow senior and a single guy, even moving myself from my apartment to a larger house was difficult. My family is scattered across the country and it’s hard to think about what you want to take, what you don’t want to take, what you’re sell, what you’ll donate, what your kids might want…

At Caring Transitions, we want to be your partner in those situations. Caring Transitions’ services are perfect for managing the many aspects of a senior move, including assisting with the process of downsizing to provide a safer living situation, as well as for busy families and people clearing out the home of a loved one who has moved into assisted care or passed away and estate managers looking to liquidate assets.

Whether your change is planned or unexpected, when you work with Caring Transitions, we can partner with you to help you meet your goals. I earned my bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Iowa University in two years and then earned my master’s degree in mathematics from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. I then served with the United States Air Force and the Army National Guard before taking a job for the Department of Defense, where I worked in analysis for weapons systems and aircraft survivability. After that, I was an operations research analyst for the United States Marine Corp.

Over the years, I also taught mathematics, statistics and scuba and owned two scuba shops. My Caring TI was living in Georgia when I got a call from Portland – my mom was dying and my dad had late stage Alzheimer’s disease. I had a little time I could take off work, so I took a week, flew to Portland and spent the week trying to arrange my mom’s services and find my dad a place to live, since he couldn’t be alone. The last thing I had time to do – or wanted to do – was clear out their house and get it ready for sale. I was grieving and it was an overwhelming situation and I’m so thankful I was able to find someone to help. As I started thinking about opening my own business and I heard about Caring Transitions, I thought back to my own experience and realized this was an opportunity for me to help someone else going through the kind of transition my family was going through back then.

My team and I can provide end-to-end solutions for our clients – from downsizing to relocating to auctions and estate sales to estate clearing. All of our services are customizable, so you can choose the solutions that best fit your needs. Caring Transitions of Albany Georgia serves Albany, Leesburg, Tifton, Dawson, Smithville, Leary, Milford, Baconton, Ashborn, Armboy, TyTy, Warwick, Sylvester and the surrounding areas. We are here to take the drudgery out of relocating or clearing an estate so you can move onto the next stage of your life and enjoy your time with your loved ones. We all lead such busy lives and time is precious – don’t spend it packing boxes. Contact us to see how we can work together to make this transition as easy and stress free as possible.

Regardless of the situation, planned or unexpected, the loss of a loved one or the need to relocate someone can be challenging. The physical challenges and emotional strains can be overwhelming enough, without the added stress of life’s unexpected events. Caring Transitions of Albany Georgia offers a streamlined support system to help facilitate a less stressful transition, taking care of the details so you can take care of yourself or a loved one.

From sorting through years of memories, working with estate planners, coordinating movers and real estate agents to designing a functional and comfortable floor plan, our compassionate and experienced professionals can be involved as much or as little as you like. We’ll serve as your family’s advocate, ensuring your best interests are kept in mind throughout the process.

Create a Customized Transition Plan That Fits Your Needs!

  • Inventory, Sort, De-clutter, Downsize
  • Estate Move Management – Coordinate Movers, Pack/Unpack
  • Sell Items – Estate Sales, On-line Auction Services
  • Disperse, Donate, Recycle, Discard Items
  • Liquidate Business Assets
  • Floor Planning for New Residence
  • Repair, Paint, Clean, Stage Home for Resale
  • Assist Executors, Attorneys, Trustees, Realtors
  • Decluttering and Organizing
  • Fund Raisers
  • Other Special Projects

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Transition Specialists

Caring Transitions of Albany Georgia employees are held to the highest standards, and maintain ongoing security and education requirements. All of our employees are bonded, insured and thoroughly screened, and each of our offices participates in the comprehensive Certified Relocation Transition Specialist (CRTS) Program. The CRTS credential is a professional mark of ethics and excellence in the field of move management.

Certified Relocation Transition Specialist (CRTS)

Areas Served

Albany, Leesburg, Tifton, Dawson, Smithville, Leary, Milford, Baconton, Ashborn, Armboy, TyTy, Warwick, Sylvester

Adapting to a New Lifestyle

As life changes, it may become necessary to leave a familiar home and part with personal belongings in order to downsize and relocate to a smaller home or retirement community. At Caring Transitions of Albany Georgia, we help our clients understand the process, evaluate their options and make informed decisions that suit their best interests. We are committed to making each client’s experience positive by minimizing stress and maximizing results.